LHC Celebration-September 10, 2008

Congratulations to Tory Deasy and Michael-Eirk Ronlund who will be attending the LHC Celebration!!!!

To all others that applied, your interest and enthusiasm for physics is commended. It truly was amazing to see such an interest in physics.

Although the LHC experiment is at CERN laboratories outside of Geneva, we will be going to Fermilab outside of Chicago. If you do your research you'll learn why Fermilab is holding a celebration for an experiment in Europe. The LHC experiment has been undergoing construction for many years and is finally nearing completion. The experiment consists of the most powerful particle accelerator ever constructed and hopes to shed a new light on physics on not only the subatomic scale but also on the universe as a whole. In celebration of a new era in physics, Fermilab will be holding a celebration for the particle physics community. Amazingly, we have been extended a rare and unique invitation to attend and to contribute to educating the world about current physics research (as opposed to inclined planes and frictionless surfaces).

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