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Time (.05s)

Distance vs Time
By looking at our graphed distance vs time graph of the horizontal distance, we can see that the slope of the graph is relatively constant, which indicates that the ball traveled horizontally at a constant rate. This constant slope indicates that the velocity is constant.
Velocity vs Time
The velocity vs time graph shows that their is no acceleration on the horizontal piece of the graph. This shows that even when the marble left the ramp the velocity stayed the same.

Projectile Motion v2

Discussion Q's
1. Continuity and change are a part of science because many scientific explanations are directed to things that both remain constant and continually changing. When some scientific ideas become obselete for todays standards, or we just don't believe past ideas, then we change those ideas to make them seem more correct and/or accurate witht modern standards.
2. I wouldn't say Ptolemy's systems were "unscientific" but they do not express the degree of inferring that modern standards take seriously. His system did not explain much and left a huge hole in his ideology.
3. Copernicus used mathematical calculations in more detail than Ptolemy did and these calculations helped push the ideas of a heliocentric system in the right direction. He helped other scientists take this model more seriously.
4. Some scientists assume ideas and things by how they were taught by society or what is the accepted values at that period in time. This could greatly get in the way of science, since these scientists havent known any other way than that they have been taught. All throughout ptolemy's life he was told that everything revolved aroung Earth.
5. In a sense I agree. I say this because it depends on how much influence the outside world has on that person. Working alone would decrease the amount of bias from other people and society, while helping you focus on the ideas or issues at hand. This is apparent in the times of ptolemy and Copernicus because no one was quite sure how our solar system was layed out.
6. It affects science greatly. With better technology, the more we can observe, collect data, and solve problems. After ptolemys system was conjoured up, Regiomontanus developed better equiptment in order to view the plants and our system.