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The Masterclass is on! Please utilize public transportation where possible and to drive carefully. Please exercise your own personal judgement if road conditions are poor where you are coming from.

Just the Facts

What: QuarkNet's U.S. Particle Physics Masterclass!!!! A chance for you to experience first hand particle physics data directly from CERN!!! Funded in part by the National Science Foundation
When: Sat. 4/1 from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Doors open at 9:00 - See Schedule below)
Where: Northeastern University: 100 Forsyth St., Dana Research Center, 1st Floor Conference Room (see below)
Who: High school physics students throughout the Boston area. In addition we will be video conferencing with students across the country and the world!
Cost: None but you may want to bring money to purchase lunch at the student center.

What to Bring?

The most important things to bring are an enthusiastic attitude, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind. In addition it is highly recommended (but not required) you bring your own laptop that runs chrome or firefox. A tablet will work but can but is not ideal. And as mentioned above you should bring a lunch or money to purchase lunch at the student center.

How to Get There?

Best way to get there is via T to Ruggles Station. See below. (Orange Line)
If you have to drive, park at Renaissance Parking Garage at 1135 Tremont St. Parking is about $8 for the entire day. When you exit the garage enter the Ruggles Station and follow the directions below.

Directions to MC.jpg


Schedule for Boston 2017
Doors Open: Welcome/Registration

Cloud Chamber and Electron in B-Field Demonstration
Ice Breaker Activity (Official Start)
Mentor Presentation on Particle Physics & Discussion
Introduction to Data Analysis
Begin Data Analysis
Lunch with a Physicist
Continue with Data Analysis Activity
Pre-conference: Mentor and teacher lead discussion of meaning of data
Video Conference
Sum-Up and Evaluation

Masterclass Day 2013

From the 2009 Particle Physics Masterclass at Fermilab

A former student's comments about the 2008 Masterclass at Northeastern University

Great Background About the Higgs and The Standard Model