The Mars Phoenix Lander

Medford Team

The two main mission objectives of the Phoenix lander are to (1) study the history of water in the Martian arctic and (2) search for evidence of a habitable zone and assess the biological potential of the ice-soil boundary.

Our Role

We are very proud to be among the few high schools involved in the country to be an official part of the NASA team to explore the red planet. Our role thus far participating in the Phoenix Student Intern Program (PSIP) has involved providing public outreach presentations and preparing calibration data for the MECA instrument on board the Phoenix Lander. This summer we are spending one week at Mission Control in Tucson, AZ analyzing data with NASA scientists as it is transmitted to us from the lander. We are very excited about this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Final Presentation


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Soil being delivered to MECA

In front of the engineering model

Youtube Mars Phoenix Teaser Trailor


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Our Work at Tufts in Preparation

Press Release

Press Release