LEP Data

Draft Version of ILC Masterclass Activity

Link for the Activity (contains ppt, and LEP Data)

Spreadsheet for Data

Folder for Presentations

Poster Project

Worth 50 points!!!
Electronic Presentation Due THURSDAY

Your presentation must include:

  • Standard Model Chart-Which Includes the Higgs (google it!)

  • Typical event candidates with explanations for WHY you classified them the way you did. Events must be from YOUR data set. Be able to identify the electrons, muons, and quark jets.
  1. Z to e+e- from LEP events
  2. Z to mu+mu- from LEP events
  3. Z to two quark jets from Lep
  4. Z to ee with Higgs to two quark jets from ILC
  5. Z to mu mu with Higgs to two quark jets from ILC
  6. Z to ee or mu mu with Higgs to two or four Leptons
  7. An Unknown Event

  • The Data Table with a discussion of YOUR results compared to the entire class

  • The Following Questions:

1. Why is it important for scientists to work together in order to properly classify events properly? Use a specific example from the data analysis activity.

2. Comparing your percentages to the class percentages why is it important to collect a huge amount of data in order to be able to draw valid and reliable conclusions? Use a specific example from the the past week of class to explain your answer/

3. What patterns do you notice in the class percentages? Refer to your standard model chart to try and explain why you observed so many quarks compared to leptons.

4. Do you actually directly observe the Z and the Higgs or it's decay products? If the decay products of the Z and the Higgs each contain an equal amount of positive and negative charge what might that indirectly imply about the total charge of the Z and Higgs before they decay?

5. What surprised you and/or interested you the most about the data analysis activity?

6. Did all members of the group equally contribute to the analysis of the data AND the construction of this presentation?

Note about getting screenshots of events. To transfer an event image into powerpoint or into a word document to print try the following.
1. Click the "print scrn" button near the top right of your keyboard. This copy's the image of the screen onto the clipboard.
2. At this point you can paste the "screen shot" into powerpoint or word.
Open the windows program known as "paint". And paste it into the program. You may then select only the relevant parts of the "screen shot"