Dr. Wadness experiencing a shift at the D-Zero Detector at Fermilab!

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Howie Day sings at CERN


For info on Gravity Waves see Universal Gravity and Ligo

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Medford High Students Make it to Scientific American Online
Watch the YouTube video and look for the MHS students in their PJ's!

Visit from a Physicist
Read the News Story

Ph.D Comics

Very humorous stuff

Higg's Search Background Info

Recent Discoveries in Planetary Science Summary Slides

Interpreting Radiation Levels. Please note that this story was written on 3/22/11.

Keys to Surviving Physics

1. DO your homework instead of just doing your homework.
2. Take the time to struggle. That is what we call learning.
3. Get extra help the day you need extra help as opposed to the night before a quiz.
4. DO and UNDERSTAND the review sheets. Don't just try and memorize the answers.
5. Learning is an ACTIVE process not a passive process. Get involved!
6. If you are confused let me know. Don't be embarrassed, chances are you're not the only one. Ask Questions!!!
7. Don't give up. Dare me to be a better teacher.

Highlights from Obama's Science Speech
Anyone considering studying Science, Math, Engineering, and/or becoming a teacher in these fields should read this!!!

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Mars Phoenix Lander

In 2008 we were very excited to be a part of NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander Mission.
Mars Phoenix Click hear to learn about how Medford was involved in the Mars Phoenix Mission!



Cosmic Ray Studies Click here for students interested in a national study on cosmic rays!

LHC Celebration click here to learn how Medford Physics students became part of the celebration

QuarkNet Press Release

CMS TV Click to here to get live data feed from the CMS experiment at the LHC at CERN!

LHC Click here to learn about the LHC at CERN. The world's most powerful particle accelerator!


Japan and the ILC

Little Things, Big Ideas
Particle Physics Student Blog

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